Since shortly after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake on the 11th of March 2011 and coping with incessant aftershocks, the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra and Center for Recovery through the Power of Music, Tohoku have, in collaboration with many voluntary musicians, inaugurated and held a series of "recovery concerts".

We were driven by our belief in "the power of music", which we had witnessed during the process of recovery of peoples' souls, wounded by natural disasters or wars.

The purpose of the series of recovery concerts is to console the souls of disaster victims, to heal people who have been deprived of their family members, relatives or their livelihood and to shine a light of hope for the restoration of the devastated region. In concrete terms, the purpose of our activity is to exert all our energy to delivering live music to the people in the region. In fact, only 15 days after 3.11, on the 26th of March, we managed to hold our very first recovery concert.

We have been visiting evacuation centers, schools, hospitals and several different places including busy shopping malls with the object of delivering live music and jointly performing with local groups such as choruses or brass bands.

It is 2 years since the unprecedented disaster. In the meantime, we have been warmly and vigorously supported by a multitude of concerned people at home and abroad. We are more grateful than we can express. Thanks to your help, we are continuing to deliver the power of music to people in the disaster-hit areas. To date, since the remarkable first concert on March 26th 2011, we have performed more than 300 recovery concerts.

Recovery from the disaster will take a considerable time. Furthermore, the disaster-hit area is so vast that the recovery process is at different stages in each place and recovery may take more, or less, time in some places than in others. For this reason, the future needs for the power of music may continue to be varied and diverse. We will strive to meet the needs of the people appropriately.

Center for Recovery through the Power of Music perceive that we are entrusted with a mission: we stand by people suffering from the damage caused by the disaster by providing the power of music. We address the recovery of people's wounded minds and contribute to the recovery of the region.

To fulfil this assignment and to overcome the hardship we still face, we also need your power of music. We look forward to continued support and contributions from home and abroad, and to close, we thank you very much for your concern.

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
Center for Recovery through the Power of Music, Tohoku

If you would like to make a donation, please remit funds to the following accounts:

Center for Recovery through the Power of Music, Tohoku
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Beneficiary's account number: 100-7993919
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